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Carbon & Alloy Seamless

Lalbaba Seamless Tubes is one of the leading manufacturers of Carbon Seamless and Alloy Seamless Tubes in India. As a specialty product for certain specific applications, our plant is also capable of manufacturing Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes with an internal lining of Stainless Steel. The Carbon & Alloy Seamless Tubes are manufactured using either of the two production processes:


Cold Drawn System

In Cold Drawing process, the Inner Dia of the tubes is controlled by an inside mandrel. Hence, the process is also referred to as Drawn on Mandrel (Drawn On Mandrel Tubes). To achieve close tolerances consistently we use Tungsten Carbide Tools. The prime reasons behind Cold Drawing are:

  • Achievement of closer wall thickness and diameter tolerance
  • Improvement in surface finish
  • Enhancement of serviceability
  • Prevention of premature failure
  • Suitability for critical forming, such as 180° bends
  • Enhancement of mechanical properties of the tube
  • Expansion of the product mix towards the lower end of the OD and wall thickness scales


Hot Finished Seamless

HFS pipes and tubes are made by heating a solid billet or bloom and then piercing it to make A hollow out of it. This hollow is subsequently passed through one or multiple stands to give It the final pipe or tube dimensions. It is possible to manufacture large diameter and thick pipes of various grades in  high volume Through the HFS process. With the improvement in technology, HFS pipes & tubes now can be manufactured with closed dimensional tolerance & good surface finish. The advantages of Hot Finished Seamless process are as follows:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Machinability
  • Wide range of sizes

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